Your safety is our utmost priority. Take a journey through all the safety measures Zipridz provides to ensure you get peace of mind when riding with us. Your well-being is taken care of even before you book a ride.
Driver Checks
We do driver checks, driver verification as well as vehicle checks and inspection by the Police Department to ensure the car you’re in is in tip-top condition.
In-Car Camera
Safety is key to ensuring a safe working environment for our drivers. That is why we provide drivers with in-car cameras to keep them safe.
Liability Insurance
When you ride with Zipridz, we provide liability insurance coverage from pick-up to drop-off to you and your driver
Real Time Communication
Zipridz two-way communication between you and your driver. You’re sent the driver’s details and are able to chat or text with your driver.
Share Your ETA
Once your driver has picked you up, share your ETA with your friends and family so they know when to expect you.
Anonymous Feedback
After every trip, you can rate the driver and provide anonymous feedback about your ride. We review all feedback because our goal is to make every ride a great experience.
We provide all we can to ensure you are kept safe and to give you peace of mind. If you have any suggestions or feedback, do contact us by calling us or by emailing us.

Thank you for riding with Zipridz and we hope you’ve had a safe and enjoyable Ride!
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